Human Resource Leadership

"Beauty comes from within your organization; Customer Centricity as a Return on Engagement."

Increasing customer loyalty starts by increasing the commitment and motivation of employees and by implementing a customer-centric culture inside the organization. HR and Talent Management Leadership focus on supporting and encouraging employees to deliver excellent customer interactions by taking care of their need to engage with the company. It creates a motivating incentives framework, including transparent processes in talent performance and development possibilities throughout the employee life-cycle.   
CCM training programs for instance need a sustainable integration with HR and talent management in order to create the maximum impact, Return on Investment (ROI) from the customers through maximum Return on Engagement (ROE) from the employees. Rather than focusing on isolated training requirements of the organization, training should be designed within professional career planning, which itself needs to be linked to employee performance, which in turn needs to be aligned to customer related KPIs. 
The objective of our methodology is to support the development of companies, enabling HR departments to act on a strategic level, based on the development of talent in a culture that is able to contribute to a customer centric organization, thus supporting the organizational efficiency. Buljan & Partners Consulting helps HR departments define, structure and implement HR measures that attract and engage employees and convert customer-centric performance into a strategic priority on HR level.