Over 10 years we have partnered with clients to support them in defining and implementing customer-centric business strategies and processes.

Over the years we have gained proven expertise in many industries like Automotive, Financial Services, Industrial Products, FCMG, Transport, Professional Services, healthcare, insurance, among others, both in B2C as B2B business models. We have supported our clients in the transformation from product/service centricity to customer centricity in a transversal way.

Our CCM Framework can be used for any industry and business model - every company has customers to serve and employees to motivate. 

Some typical business issues for approaching us are:
  • "We have done everything as described in blueprints: we defined processes, business rules, implemented a CRM system with high efforts in change management, but still our people don't use the system".
  • "We cannot transmit the business benefit of CRM, how much more do I sell if we go for it?".
  • "Customer experience? Our management should start with employee experience first!".

The results we have achieved in projects addressing these issues were challenging but not impossible and we engaged the whole organization of a industrial client in transformational change by facilitating a top-down approach towards customer centricity, starting with an eye-opening awareness phase by:
  • Preparing for downturn in the future.
  • Recognizing true talent and giving it true possibilities for professional growth.
  • Enabling the distribution network to sell products as promised to customers
  • Understanding the importance of consolidating customer data in a system in order to treat customers in a more personalized way.

The most important result was the fact that everybody in the organization understood that CRM is more than just a customer database to be fed, but also that it is a must nowadays to make the customer tangible for the employees who don't have a direct customer contact. As Awareness milestone we developed an action plan with a 5 year transformation program challenged and enhanced bottom-up. Our requirement: the whole organization needed to take active role in leading the different initiatives for change, with us being in the background and challenging progress. If you don't do it yourself and let it be done by external parties, you don't take ownership