Our Team

Brought together from different industries and with different educational backgrounds, our multicultural, multidisciplinary team oversees every step from strategy to implementation. Our global team of approx. 50 people represents more than 10 different nationalities, and what unifies us is the belief that organizations can work without a concrete physical cultural discourse, but with the same grounding in values. In our recruitment process we follow the maxim "hire for passion, train for skills", understanding that passion is part of one's DNA and the education received at home. We understand perfectly well that talent wants to be with talent and wants to be inspired by and learn from said talent. Our consultants and office staff are our main assets and in order to keep them with us we are continuously looking for ways to keep them at the top of their game. We are proud of a low staff turnover, for us this is the best compliment we can receive from within our own organization.