"Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform" - Mark Twain

Silvana Buljan

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Founder and Managing Partner Spain

Founding partner of Buljan & Partners, has been involved in Customer Centric Management (CCM) projects since 1998 when she started working as a management consultant at Price Waterhouse. Back then, customer centric management primarily focused on CRM (processes, organization and technology). Her client assignments included projects at Lufthansa, BMW, Continental Tires, Lufthansa Cargo and SAS Scandinavian Airlines.
In 2002 she founded her own consulting business dedicated to making customer centricity work in big organizations, mainly through customer-centric process definition, lean and customer-driven organizational structures, and employee commitment (customer centric culture and leadership). Her client assignments include Andreas Stihl, BMW Group, Mediamarkt Saturn, Microsoft, and other blue chip and SMB companies. 

In 2012 Silvana participated in a Coach Certification program (Newfield) in order to combine consulting with an executive coaching perspective, based on the Ontological Coaching approach. 
As a CRM subject matter expert, she is also involved in initiatives like customerthink, Customer Futures and CRM Idol with international CRM guru Paul Greenberg (launched in 2011). Her publications on customer centricity, customer experience and leadership provoke a different and challenging perspective for any business leader and are available on our website. 

Harald Baumeister

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Founder and Managing Partner Germany

Harald Baumeister is founding partner and managing director of Buljan & Partners Consulting in Munich, Germany.  Harald has worked for more than 15 years in the consulting area, and has gained sound knowledge in Customer Centric Management in many projects and assignments.

From the year 2000 on Harald worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers delivering consultancy at several CRM projects related to improvements in processes, organization and technology. He gained a deep understanding of customer centricity in the Automotive and Financial Services area during this period. When the consulting division was bought by IBM, Harald continued to lead and coordinate CRM projects, always addressing the customer focus in these assignments.

In 2007 Harald started as entrepreneur, and in 2009 founded the German office of Buljan & Partners together with Silvana Buljan. As managing director, Harald's focus is the development and implementation of customer centric concepts and strategies to achieve a better customer experience throughout all touch points. His successful assignments include customer-centric process definition, concepts of supporting IT tools as well as lean and customer-driven organizational structures.