4 continents
7 countries
50 customers
+300 students / year
+150 coachees and mentors / year

the worldgate group is our partner in the Customer Centric Managment Leadership program (CCML). It specializes in boosting domestic markets. This means, making teams aware of how to go to match with other professionals. And how this can make the strategy work or in difficult times. In short, we help drive change processes. We work primarily in four areas that allow us to analyze from different perspectives and using different techniques, the conditions for change in organizations and how they are performing in their domestic markets.

We have worked in several countries and sectors for companies of different sizes, ranging from multinational leaders in their markets to start-ups. Our special awareness of language and emotion management makes us to fully adapt to the idiosyncrasies of each client, and this because we believe in the value of craftsmanship, and not on predetermined formulas. Our regular partners are CEOs, Presidents, Employers, Human Resource Managers, Communication... And we have developed a strong expertise in working with Management Committees.