Our Approach

Customer Centricity has shaped our methodology and way of thinking within the past 10 years. Our way of working is centered around defining and implementing the right customer centric strategies at our clients to exceed expectations. To "lead by example" requires commitment towards change and not burying customer centricity as a plain theoretic concept. If we ask our clients to walk the talk we must have made our own experiences within our own business environment. 

What makes our approach different and unique? 

  • Our "big picture" vision: Customer centricity is not only about implementing a sophisticated CRM tool, which helps to organize all customer information and trains the customer facing staff to improve the customer experience.  It has to be seen as a holistic approach within the company, which requires to break out of the organizational structures and practices that perpetuate silo thinking and behavior. To become "leading edge"  and achieve the common goal towards long-term and sustainable growth, all departments, functions and processes have to work together thus emphasizing the roles and responsibilities of each one within the customer centric management framework.

  • Our commitment to customers: At Buljan & Partners we see our customers as partners and do not consider our job done after a successful implementation. As a matter of fact, consultants are seen as a threat and "additional work" by multiple companies. It is however quite the contrary: Even though Buljan & Partners might challenge you, your objectives and processes - we do it for a greater good: To help you create true value for your organization, enhance customer experience and thus generate higher customer loyalty.

  • Our continuous development: We are not able to stay quiet: Our own business environment invites our exceptional people to question what we do and how we do it. It motivates us to discover and define new concepts, frameworks as well as training and coaching models to be challenged by our clients.

Our diversity in the way we approach and understand company related issues, has let us to create our holistic framework "Customer Centric Management".